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Strategies For Weight Loss Success

Sometimes, it feels like I’m putting way too much thought into losing weight. There are so many things to think about: what you eat, what you drink, your activity levels, how much you sleep, and other important lifestyle choices. All of these things come together to help you reach your weight loss goal, but sometimes it can feel completely intimidating. Before you get overwhelmed, check out these almost-effortless strategies for weight loss. They really prove that slow, steady, and mindful wins the race!
These 8 tips don’t require an overhaul of your pantry or that you completely change your schedule. They’re small but mindful, things you can incorporate into your daily routine. Once you get started, you’ll realize that it’s easy (actually, almost-effortless) to lose those pesky extra pounds. So let’s get started.

1. Make Exercise Fun


Many of us don’t like working out, but we know we need it to lose weight. That might leave you wondering how to get yourself motivated to start exercising on a regular basis. Even worse, if you’ve already started regular workouts and you’re just not losing the weight, you might be questioning what’s the point?
Exercising should help you reach your weight loss goals, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. More than that, it’s not a magic bullet, either. It will help you burn more calories, but if that doesn’t mean you can overeat! If you can make working out fun, you’ll be more likely to do it (and, less likely to ruin the results with over portioning afterward).
In one study, researchers asked 56 overweight women to take a half-hour walk before eating lunch. Half of the women were told to monitor their exertion levels while the other half were instructed just to have fun, listen to music, and enjoy the activity. Ultimately, the researchers found that women who’d been “having fun” reported feeling happier and less tired after their walk. More than that, they ate less pudding and drank less soda after exercising!
Why did the subjects who measured the effort of exercise overeat? “Engaging in a physical activity seems to trigger the search for reward when individuals perceive it as exercise but not when they perceive it as fun,” the researchers reported. So stop looking for your “reward” (aka, food) and just start having fun while exercising today with these 15 Fun Cardio Workouts.

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